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Green Moving Boxes

Make Moving Day Easy

Make packing up for your next move cheaper, faster and easier than using cardboard boxes with our reusable plastic bins. Take advantage of our world-famous rent-able and reusable green plastic moving boxes called Fordboxes. Choosing to do business with us is good for society and the environment. Place your Fordbox order well in advance. The summer months are the busiest and placing your order in advance will help guarantee that you get your desired delivery/pick up dates and time frames. Save time, energy, and money by renting ready-to-use sturdy plastic moving boxes from us.  Our boxes are sanitized after every use. We make sure each customer receives a fresh set of Fordboxes, so you can pack your clothes, bedding, and pillows with peace of mind. And, because our boxes are plastic, it's impossible for bedbugs to nest or hide in them. 

  1. No tape or box assembly

  2. No more crushed boxes

  3. Just pack stack and move

  4. Free Delivery & Pickup Inside our Service Area

Plastic vs Cardboard


  1. Our plastic boxes feature sturdy construction to provide extra protection for your personal effects.

  2. We deliver Fordboxes to your home and retrieve them from the new address when you’re move is complete, reducing the time necessary to prepare for the move and the hassle of breaking down cardboard boxes.

  3. Our plastic moving boxes are easier to stack than cardboard boxes.  They are also nest-able, greatly reducing the mess associated with packing and unpacking. 

  4. We supply a moving cart fitted specifically for the plastic moving box that makes moving Fordboxes relatively easy when they are full, making moving less physically demanding.

  5. Fordboxes do not need to be assembled or broken down, making them a less time consuming way to pack, approximately half that of cardboard.

  6. We offer an Eco-friendly solution to moving which saves trees, water, energy and diverts trash from our landfills. 


  1. Assembling the number of boxes necessary to pack an entire house is time consuming, adding to the time that it takes to move; which can be the longest part of a move.

  2. The weight of the contents of a cardboard box is limited to the strength of the taped seam of the cardboard box.

  3. Cardboard boxes are not very robust and do not protect their contents from impacts very well, so you can't stack heavy items on them.

  4. The added cost of materials, such as tape, tape guns, markers and labels, needed to build cardboard boxes can add significantly to the overall cost of moving.

  5. Breaking down the empty boxes is also very time consuming and disposing of them can also come with an added expense.

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